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Google Daydream

This was done as a project in the last year of my undergraduate study. I was interested in the use of VR as a design tool.

Owing to the exorbitant cost of a headset, I opted for a Google Daydream, where a smartphone doubles up as the headset.

I previsualised my set for The Hunchback of Notre Dame in it, and mocked-up a set designed by a classmate for another college show.

Google has since discontinued Daydream and so I have also ceased to pursue its use.

Rose Window.jpg
Hunchback VR 1.png
Hunchback Realised 2.jpg
Hunchback VR 2.png
Machinal Realised 1.jpg
Machinal VR 2.png
Machinal VR 1.png
Machinal VR 3.png
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