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Fibre Optics

This was done during my design process for Constellations at the Stephen Joseph Theatre. I had the luxury of properly exploring this material as they had AV-checked me 8 months in advance.


I bought and tinkered with end-glow and side-glow fibre optics, using much thinner ones (0.25mm diameter) to simulate the intended design and also as a proof of concept. Properties explored in the process included various factors affecting light output and the material's relative visibility (in case it obscured the action onstage). I also looked into specialised light sources for its illumination which the theatre eventually procured for the show.

I got only so far as the white card in terms of fibre density - owing to my inadequate dexterity. Anna Kelsey was largely responsible as model maker for extrapolating my white card as per my instruction into a meticulous final model.

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