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Cloth Simulation 1

One of my unrealised designs (COVID) involved draping massive amounts of fabric over the stage.

Owing to the nature of fabric, this would have been impossible to realistically realise in a scale model; so I turned to digital simulation.

I started with small sheets of fabric and progressively increased its complexity (transparency, material) to adapt it to my design.

It was extremely effort-intensive as each frame needed to be processed individually to eventually get to the final result.

Each iteration took at least half an hour to an hour, abortive attempts due to glitches were also common.

0608 Test2.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2020-08-01 at 15.31.19.jpeg
1308 Test 4.jpg
1308 Test 3.jpg
1308 Test 1.jpg
1308 Test 2.jpg

Cloth Simulation 2

This was done for my design for King Lear - Lear's final entrance with Cordelia's body in his arms.

As this was my second time simulating fabric, it proved to be a lot easier and less effort-intensive.

The also boiled down to the fabric shape and forces acting on it being relatively simpler.

I was able to quickly previsualise and share the possible options with my director and lighting designer.

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